Fleece Pullover

The PULLOVER  covers the Hound's neck, shoulders, back (down to 'tuck-up,) chest and front legs down to wrists.  Neck can be 'mock turtle neck..about 4" long, or full turtle neck..8" long and can be turned down to form mock turtle. The neck will be the same fleece as the body of the pullover. You can add a snood (+$3.00). The ribbing will be 1.5 long.

It's necessary to specify whether your hound is a boy or girl due to the 'plumbing aisle' issue.

This is a great garment for the Hound who does not like the whole UNITARD (4-legged K-9 longjohns). It can be used as a deterrent to chewing or scratching a wound after surgery (I've used them to protect a wound on one of my Hounds and it worked well.)

The Pullover can be made out of fleece or cotton/cotton blend knit, depending on the level of warmth you desire.

These can also be made as a 'Varsity sweater' to show your Hounds' favorite teams or schools. The possibilities are endless!

You can choose from the available fleece or cotton knits or you can purchase your own fabric and have it shipped to me.

Pullovers are $30.00.

  • Manufacturer: No Nude Hounds
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Price $31.00