Mimi pullover

This pullover is a combination of cotton flannel in the body and the sleeves, and cotton/spandex turtle neck, cuffs and underbody.

Perfect  for the Hound who does not want all 4 logs covered with a Unitard (4-legged K-9 longjohns.) Covers the Hound's neck, shoulders, front legs, hips and butt. Cuffs are 4" long and can be rolled up.

Less static in flannel can be a factor for some Hounds, so this garment can help with that issue.

All fabrics are washed and dried before being cut out to eliminate shrinkage.

Fits both boys and girls and there is no obstruction in the 'plumbing aisle.'

Can be made for any size Hound.

  • Manufacturer: No Nude Hounds
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Price $32.00