Raincoat with T-strap

The durable water repellent fabric keeps your Hound dry, the cotton flannel provides the soft comfort that is absent in unlined raincoats. This coat has a snood with the 2.5 inch leash opening and the light-reflecting drawcord and toggles to keep the snood snugged up and over your Hound's ears. When the rain stops, you can turn the snood down and the flannel underneath will show, giving the coat added style and appeal. RCT has a T-strap that covers the chest , wraps up over the dog's back and closes with strong Velcro. Machine wash and dry. Choose from either the water repellent 420 denier pack cloth or the water repellent 'EXTREME' fabric for the outside, and a flannel print for the inside.

  • Velcro closure: Velcro on T-Strap
Raincoat with T-strap
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  • Manufacturer: No Nude Hounds
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Price $78.00

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